• Provides a real-time consolidated view of positions and individual fills across multiple exchanges and ECNs, trading platforms, prime brokers and FCMs.
  • Provides all accounting, middle office and back office functionality from exchange drop copy to the general ledger of the firm.
  • Provides reconciliation of transactions between the trading systems of multiple ISVs, the exchanges and ECNs, and the prime brokers and FCMs.
  • Exacting ability to manage commissions, fees and rebates per instrument, per trader, per exchange.
  • Available  via corporate intranet or over the web through compatible browsers.  RTPL uses the highest level of SSL encryption for data transport.
  • Ability to create internal, individual trader statements.
  • Microsoft Excel plugin to access RTPL information in a spreadsheet for further custom calculations.
  • Firm internalization supported by use of risk proxies for journal entries to track trader performance metrics.

The  Problems


To provide an executive summary of the firm’s risk and profitability quickly and easily.


To monitor trader’s positions individually, by instrument, by group, and across the firm.  Need to produce and display real-time risk metrics such as VaR or expected shortfall.


To monitor his or her trades, positions, and P&L in real-time.  The need to see historical fills, real-time risk metrics, and calculate custom metrics on-the-fly.


Quick, accurate reconciliation of positions, fees, rebates, and the general ledger.

The  Solution

GX2 has developed RTPL as a solution to the problems presented above.  RTPL provides real-time trade information by collecting drop copies from exchanges and ECNs and presents them to the appropriate users, along with a market data feed used to calculate P&L.  In the event that trades are not done electronically, RTPL provides a manual entry facility.

Risk calculations begin at the firm level and can be filtered down to group, trader, individual trading account (moniker), and strategy level.  Further breakdown by asset class, instrument, and additional bespoke risk metrics are accessible and easily monitored.  The system has an integrated reconciliation engine to reconcile fills between internal trading platforms and external exchange or OTC counterparty fill confirmations.

RTPL uses trade data along with configurable fee/rebate rates to generate daily individual trader statement.  RTPL provides end-of-day reporting and reconciliation at the firm level for external exchanges, internal matching or OTC counterparties based on trade and financial data provided by the Prime Broker or FCM.  These reports can be generated on a firm, trading group or individual trader basis.  The reports readily available include:  Day/Month/Year P/L By Firm, Group or Trader, Cash And Margin Report, Compare P&L by product – Int vs Ext (Futures, Securities, Equities), Detailed Trade Blotter, Repo finance reporting, Regulatory Capital Usage, Internal allocation of Volume Charges and many others.

The  Benefits

RTPL allows the user to see a complete view of daily trade activity in one view to better manage risk at the trader, trader group or firm level.  An intuitive web user interface  allows users to customize RTPL’s user configuration, fee/rebate management, risk metric management to fit their specific needs.

Further, built-in risk metrics, the ability to create dynamic trader groups and the ability to stream data to Microsoft Excel provide a flexible solution not available from the industry’s legacy products.