David Jaberg

President & CEO

David Jaberg is the President & CEO of both GX2 Systems and its wholly owned broker-dealer subsidiary, GX2 Spread Markets.  David began in the financial industry as a runner on the Chicago Board of Trade.  He now has over twenty five years of experience in proprietary trading focusing on relative value treasury yield curve trading, statistical arbitrage, and market making.  David, more recently, has focused on leading projects that integrate the vast possibilities of technology into the objective of increasing the profitability of trade.  In 2013, Dave was a founder of GX2 Systems, a FinTech firm which combines proprietary technology and tightly controlled principal risk taking to provide relative value spread execution to clients free of leg execution uncertainty.

In addition, David has just completed his PhD in Economics from the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Speaking Engagements and Events

4/04/2015           Princeton Quant Trading Conference

Princeton University

Panel:  Algorithms & Trends in Quant Trading



11/05/2015          Innovator’s Pavilion

FIA Expo 2015

Presentation: Tools for Trading




12/09/2015          Global Markets Summit 

Markets Media

Panel:  Fixed Income Session



2/05/2016            Asset Management Derivatives Forum


Panel:  Disruptive Technology



4/21/2016            FINTECH EXCHANGE 2016


Lightening Round Speaker